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The New LaserBand 41 is designed for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use.

The LaserBand, delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Working through the process of photo biostimulation, the LaserBand 41 stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth, reverse hair thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and help regrow hair!
Featuring an innovative Flex-fit band design, it adjusts to fit most head sizes comfortably. Lightweight and portable it allows for freedom of movement during treatment and while traveling. The LaserBand 41 incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair, creating a path for the laser light to reach your hair follicles to provide a highly effective treatment.
Use the LaserBand 41 as little as 3 minutes, 3 days a week to experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.


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Hairmax is the only home use laser photo therapy device FDA and CE cleared to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women.
Hairmax is scientifically created by some of the world’s leading hair growth researchers and recommended by physicians worldwide.

The HairMax® works via the principle of PhotoBio Stimulation, a process by which laser energy is delivered to the hair follicle. Laser PhotoTherapy stimulates growth factors within the hair follicle.

Experience the new hair growth, increased density and healthier, fuller, more attractive hair. Design by iconic Italian designers Pininfarina


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All HairMax Laser devices provide the same efficacy and feature a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. The chart below describes the device features to help you choose the HairMax model that’s right for you.

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  1. Colette Engelbrecht (verified owner)

    I am so far very pleased with my new Hairmax Laserband41. It is very easy to use and the guidance received, also very easy to understand and to follow.

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