Lustre Pure Light Pro

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Treat Acne in only 20 mins a day for 12 weeks

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Clinical-strength device for acne treatment at home

Lustre Pure Light Pro is a clinical-strength light technology to treat spots at home. When used with topical products, it provides effective treatment for active acne whilst reducing the risk of future breakouts.


Wear for just 20 minutes per day

Lustre Pure Light Pro treatment time is only 20 minutes per day, making it easier to fit into your skin care regime. It is the only wearable acne device that delivers treatment while the user carries out normal day to day activities.

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Tough on spots gentle on skin

Lustre Pure Light Pro harnesses the safe, blue part of natural light. It has been clinically proven to eliminate the bacteria that cause spots whilst also being gentle on the skin.


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What is blue light therapy?

Blue light has been used by leading dermatologists for many years to treat acne. The bacteria that cause acne produce a chemical called porphyrin. When blue light at a specific wavelength is applied to this porphyrin it becomes excited, this active porphyrin has been clinically proven to destroy the acne causing bacteria.

Lustre Pure Light Pro is a light technology to treat spots at home. It has been developed by dermatologists and tested by healthcare professionals specialising in skin conditions. It is exclusively available from specialist clinics.

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How to use Lustre Pure Light Pro

Lustre Pure Light Pro works by placing three treatment heads onto the affected area. Disposable self adhesive (hypo allergenic) strips comfortably hold the treatment heads in place.

For the best results Lustre Pure Light Pro should be used daily for a minimum of 12 weeks. And for 20 minutes a day.

The pack and treatment heads are cordless and rechargeable so it just goes where you go. Couldn’t be simpler.

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