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Instantly lenghten lashes by up to 5mm

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Create a stunning false lash effect in seconds.

Simply brush on the natural fibres between coats of your favourite mascara to add incredible length and volume.
Watch hollie transform her lashes in seconds. Just apply your favourite mascara, brush on 100% natural magnifibres, then wait 30 seconds before finishing with some more mascara. It couldn’t be easier to get beautiful lashes. Apply lots for dramatic flutter, or little for a subtle boost.

What are magnifibres?


100% natural fibres to add real lash length. Made by a multi-award winning uk cosmetic laboratory
Patented coating helps magnifbres work with any mascara and contains conditioning panthenol
Contact lens safe non-irritating fibres, but the directions ensure none fall in your eye anyway!

Captivating lashes couldn’t be easier


Expert tips:
Keep your chin tucked down so your face is down to avoid any fibres going into your eye.
Magnifibres works with any mascara, but you get best results with newer, wetter mascaras.
Following all 3 steps on one eye, then repeating on the other makes sure you don’t lose track!
Wait about 30 seconds between magnifibres and the second mascara coat, they set better.
You can repeat coats of mascara and magnifibres to add even more length and volume.


Makeup artist reviews

‘I really love this product. It has transformed my eyelashes’
– Cinta Miller, makeup artist

‘It’s a must have in my kit’
– Ian Brown, celebrity makeup artist

‘I love magnifibres. They do work brilliantly well and give an incredible natural flutter effect. Models like them as they are less invasive than stick-on lashes’
– Emma White Turle, makeup artist and editor

‘It’s a clever product’
– Kenneth Soh, celebrity makeup artist

Beauty editor reviews

‘Stop faffing with falsies and repeat two or three times for a wow look’
– Sunday Mirror

‘Create the falsies effect without the glue’
– Renata Gordon, Daily Telegraph

‘The perfect solution for those who love long, big, captivating eye lashes. You’ll be left looking like bambi and feeling truly foxy’
– Holly Stagg, Most Wanted

‘Dramatic thickness and volume’
– Fiona Hicks, The Lady

Customer reviews

‘Does what is says, it was easy to apply and then the wow factor absolutely superb.’
* * * * *

‘Brilliant product. This will be a real desert island must have.’
* * * * *

‘I couldn’t believe how good it was! My lashes are fuller and longer.’
* * * * *

‘Won’t go out without it now. Will recommend it to all my friends. Excellent.’
* * * * *

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  1. csaravari (verified owner)

    I have short lashes. After using Magnifibres my lashes look full and long. I love it.
    I really recommend to anyone who doesn’t want or like to wear eyelashes.

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