Nanogen Trial Size 1.5g Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres

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100% natural keratin hair fibres for men and women who want to instantly improve the appearance of their hair.

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Nanogen’s Thickening Hair Fibres are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to your hair in just 30 seconds.

Our revolutionary hair thickening fibres are made from high quality, 100% natural keratin; a fibrous protein found in hair strands. They merge perfectly with your own hair using electrostatic charge to give instant, natural and durable hair thickness which lasts all day.


So how do Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres actually work? The microscopic keratin hair fibres use Kinetic™ technology and become electrostatically charged as they’re shaken from the patented Nanogen jar.

This strong charge is unique to Nanogen, and ensures your fibres bind to your hair all day through wind, light rain and exercise. If you want to swim we recommend you also use Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray to make them waterproof.

The fibres can be completely removed by shampooing, which disrupts the electrostatic bonds between the hair fibres and your own hair. And our unique colour lock system means the fibres don’t run, stain or leave marks in your bathroom.

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