Hairmax - Hair Loss Laser Treament

Hairmax - Hair Loss Laser Treament
  • Hairmax Prima 7 LaserCombHairmax Prima 7 Box

    Hairmax Prima 7 LaserComb

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    The revolutionary new Prima 7 LaserComb redifines how your treat your hair loss.

    This state of the art laser light medical device targets your hair follicles with nourishing laser laser energy to treat your hair loss and regrow your hair. Experience new hair growth, increased density and healthier, fuller more attractive hair in just weeks.


    Hairmax Prima Treatment Time

    CHF 285.00
  • Hairmax Ultima 12 LaserCombHairmax Ultima 12 Box

    Hairmax Ultima 12 LaserComb

    0 out of 5

    This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing light energy directly to your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and regrow your hair.

    The new state of the art, Ultima 12 LaserComb combines the benefits of HairMax’s clinically proven hair growth technology with a new iconic Italian design, by Pininfarina. The Ultima 12 LaserComb delivers gentle, nourishing laser light to your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. Now you can experience denser, fuller, healthier hair in just weeks.


    Hairmax Ultima 12 treatment time

    CHF 499.00
  • Hairmax LaserBand 41New Hairmax LaserBand 41 Top

    Hairmax LaserBand41

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    The New LaserBand 41 is designed for speed, effectiveness, comfort and ease of use.

    The LaserBand, delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 41 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). Working through the process of photo biostimulation, the LaserBand 41 stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote hair growth, reverse hair thinning, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and help regrow hair!
    Featuring an innovative Flex-fit band design, it adjusts to fit most head sizes comfortably. Lightweight and portable it allows for freedom of movement during treatment and while traveling. The LaserBand 41 incorporates patented hair parting teeth to part your hair, creating a path for the laser light to reach your hair follicles to provide a highly effective treatment.
    Use the LaserBand 41 as little as 3 minutes, 3 days a week to experience new hair growth with increased density and fullness.

    CHF 665.00
  • Hairmax Laserband 82Hairmax Laserband box

    Hairmax LaserBand 82

    0 out of 5

    Treat your hair loss and stimulate new hair growth In less than 90 SECONDS!

    This new enhanced hands-free laser medical device delivers nourishing laser light to energize and revitalize your hair follicles and regrow your hair. The unique new cradle design incorporates 82 medical grade lasers and patented hair parting teeth, which parts your hair during treatment for maximum laser light delivery to your follicles to achieve optimal results.


    Hairmax Laserband Treatment Time

    CHF 935.00
  • Hairmax Fibres Bottle

    Hairmax Hair Fibres

    0 out of 5

    Build volume, density and thickness in seconds.
    (Spray Applicator sold separately)

    CHF 39.00
  • Hairmax Fibre ApplicatorHairmax Fibres Before After 2

    Hairmax Fibre Applicator

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    Easy Spray Applicator

    CHF 25.00